"With three decades of EI research, recruiters now have access to recruiter-centric EI courses, enabling recruiters
to develop stronger
human skills in the world of AI."

David Cory  /  President of The Emotional Intelligence Training Company 



Caroline Stokes started The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter with one goal in mind--to make recruiters thrive in the new AI world!


With nearly ten years as an executive headhunter and coach (with clients such as Autodesk, Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Disney and other innovation leaders) Caroline knows the challenges recruiters, candidates and hiring managers face.


With the 4th industrial revolution upon us, Caroline recognizes that recruiters will need to evolve their human connection skills to stay ahead of the game. Our human perspective will be more important than ever before.


In the end, humans hire humans. Emotional Intelligence is the tool we need.


What if...every recruiter wanted
to advance at the same pace of technology advancements?


What if... recruiters could be fluent in emotional intelligence to improve stakeholder and candidate relationships?


What if... recruiters were considered an integral part of company vitality?


What if... recruiters were perceived as having unique and indispensible skills?


Emotional Intelligence development can help you reach those goals.



Step 1: Select Your EI courses

For sustainable results we offer:

  • EI for Recruiters course

  • On-site training

  • EQi for Recruiters 2.0 certification program - designed for recruiters


We're the only people that offer this complement of training programs.


Step 2: Stay In The Loop

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