01  /  ASSESS

You are probably pretty great at what you do now, but how will you remain great in the age of AI, Bots, Deep Learning and automated candidate assessments? All recruiters will need to hone their human connection skillset to stay relevant--and become a vital resource.


Our EI programs can keep you on track for the future.


To help you supercharge your potential with your team, clients and candidates, we offer both one-to-one and team-based emotional intelligence programs.

02  /  ADAPT

We believe that focused, recruiter oriented coaching is key to your adaptation.


Throughout our recruiter-oriented programs, you will work with a Certified Executive Coach and EQi-certified trainer to assess you and your teams' areas of strength and development. We'll provide a  report outlining our insights on how you can learn to adapt your human-to-human communication skills.


You and your coach will on keep your advancement on track.

03  /  ADVANCE

The current pace of technological advancement will make the recruitment process unrecognizable in five years' time. Can you afford to let the industry get ahead of you?


Now is the time to upgrade your human-connected skills and be ready for the 4th industrial revolution.

"It is incumbent on the recruiter to ensure he or she continues to hone those soft skills that a machine cannot duplicate."


Rob Gonzales  /  CIR, Senior Recruiter from Tesla, TiVo + Google


Caroline Stokes