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Episode 15: Nick Cromydas, CEO HuntClub

Nick Cromydas, the founder and CEO of Hunt Club as well as New Coast Ventures innovation firm is on today's episode to discuss AI and building your company for the future.

Hunt Club is both proprietary technology and a network for internal recruiters; Nick Cromydas founded this company in order to take recruiting into the future by building a “better delivery model”. Hunt Club uses what he calls, “white glove treatment” in order to better match candidates with jobs. Listen in as we discuss exactly what this means for the future of recruiting.


  • How Nick is disrupting the recruiting industry

  • How Hunt Club automates communication using social capital

  • Planning your company’s long term future

  • Nick’s inspiration for starting Hunt Club

  • Building a better delivery model

  • The importance of treating others how you would like to be treated

  • How Nick coaches his team to give feedback and bad news

  • How the internet has helped with transparency

  • Three tips for recruiters


“We built the ability to contact and reach out to people in an automated fashion...” -Nick Cromydas

“I thought to myself there could be a great opportunity to build a whole new sourcing model…” -Nick Cromydas

“If people are empowered to have that…to be able to self-adjust, they don’t need to have those crisis come-to-papa moments.” -Caroline Stokes


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