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Episode 16: James Grant, founder of Weavee

James Grant, founder of Weavee, discusses the new technology that drives Weavee, the current state of recruiting, and what is on the horizon for HR.


  • Explaining the idea behind Weavee

  • Why larger orgs with more data are easier to work with

  • Gamifying recruiting

  • Why hiring off of a CV can be problematic

  • What psychometrics help to determine

  • The big five methodology

  • Weavee’s successes

  • The future of recruiting

  • Three tips for recruiters


“The companies with more data, we can provide more concrete evidence.” -James Grant

“One of the traits that we measure…is anger. It’s a good way of understanding what a person’s…reaction would be…” -James Grant

“The average time to hire anyone these days is around three months and I find that a painstaking process. “ -James Grant



James Grant’s Undercover Recruiter article

Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter

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