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Episode 32: Angela Copeland, Founder of Copeland Coaching, Author of Breaking the Rules and Getting

Angela Copeland is the founder of Copeland Coaching, a Career Coach, author of Breaking the Rules and Getting the Job, and Forbes Council Member. She joins me today to discuss job hunting from the candidate’s perspective.

Angela breaks down the many ways that candidates face emotional challenges when job hunting. She also explains ways in which recruiters and HR Reps can mitigate some of the emotional tolls. Tune in to hear my in-depth conversation with the highly accomplished, Angela Copeland.


  • How Breaking the Rules and Getting the Job is a practical guide to landing jobs

  • Breaking down the book chapters

  • The most challenging aspects of job searching

  • Taking an honest approach to your “breakup” with your current employer

  • Setting realistic expectations

  • Maintaining relationships with rejected candidates

  • Being candid and open with applicants

  • The black hole of employment

  • Why a stock response is better than no response


“I love looking for a job and interviewing.” -Angela Copeland

“Number one: you’re breaking up with a relationship.” -Caroline Stokes

“…I would have also experienced a black hole, had I depended on the internet…to apply online.” -Angela Copeland


Copeland Coaching

Angela’s TedX Talk

Breaking the Rule and Getting the Job



The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter

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