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Episode 44: Robin R. Hayes, Microbiologist, Professor and author of My Cells Made Me Do It

Robin R. Hayes is a Microbiologist, Professor, and Author of My Cells Made Me do It. We talk about how what we do is programmed by our DNA.

My chat with Professor Hayes is an enlightening change of pace and I’m sure all those in HR who are looking to enhance their emotional intelligence will find it extremely useful. Tune in to hear our discussion about predetermination, free will, and how this affects us all.


  • His path from working in a lab to teaching courses and writing books.

  • Looking at our families to determine the roots of emotional traits

  • How personality can be embedded at a cellular level

  • The need for emotions when making decisions

  • How having a few “wins” under your belt can help you have greater forward momentum

  • Destiny, free will, and the internal battle to believe in both.


“The genetic influence that guides us through our life is strong...but we also want to recognize...our environment plays a significant role, as well…” -Robin R. Hayes

“We need an emotional push in order to make our decisions.” -Robin R. Hayes

“Even our science fiction has a theme of determinism…” Robin R. Hayes


Cell Determinism Website

Robin R. Hayes on Twitter

My Cells Made Me do It

The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter

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