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Episode 45: Tracey Parsons, VP Recruitment Marketing Center of Excellence, SmashFly Technologies

Tracey Parsons is the VP of SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Center of Excellence. She has extensive experience with client strategy, digital, thought leadership development, and brand development. She also founded Parsons Strategic Consulting.

Together, we discuss how to be a useful human, the importance of honesty, and why people dread job hunting.


  • Why people hate the experience of job hunting/finding your purpose

  • The emergence of social media and how it affected branding

  • Being more explicit in job descriptions, so that they match the actual tasks required

  • Using social media to get people more familiar with job requirements

  • Don’t be something you’re not

  • Don’t tout changes in company culture until they’ve actually been made.

  • Getting people to care


“It comes down to the fact that the experience of finding your just universally hated.” -Tracey Parsons

“Don’t focus so much on being human, but instead think about being useful.” -Tracey Parsons

“My number one thing is: you can’t show it, if you can’t be it. You can’t go out there and say ‘we are a diverse workforce’ if you aren’t a diverse workforce.” -Tracey Parsons



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