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Episode 46: Ulrik Juul Christensen, Executive Chairman, Area 9

Ulrik Juul Christensen is the Executive Chairman of Area 9 and specializes in the identification of human errors. He has written articles for the Harvard Business Review and coined the term “unconscious incompetence”. Today, we discuss cognitive overload, four-dimensional learning, and behaviors that can work for and against you.

Area 9 is an industry-leading “biological” adaptive engine; a proven solution tailored to target specific needs of corporate employees. Our technology personalizes each learner interaction based on their unique knowledge, experience, and confidence in the subject. Each student gets a unique learning experience personalized to their needs, with fully adaptive content that use neuroscience and computer science to deliver the right content at the right time.

Tune in to learn more about Ulrik and Area 9’s adaptive engine.


  • Ulrik’s background in medicine

  • Cognitive overload and how it leads to errors

  • Knowing what you don’t know

  • Unconscious incompetence

  • A new generation of tools for four-dimensional learning

  • Destructive and constructive interruptions

  • Human error and the future of AI


“Many education systems...the entire bandwidth is occupied by simple memorization of facts…” -Ulrik Juul Christensen

“Unconscious incompetence is where you actually think you know it, but you don’ is the most dangerous kind of incompetence.” -Ulrik Juul Christensen

“All humans possess the abilities to beat the computers of the future if we choose the right battlefields.” -Ulrik Juul Christensen


Area 9

How to Teach Employees Skills They Don’t Know They Lack

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