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Episode 47: Beth Porter, CEO Riff Learning

Beth Porter is the CEO Riff Learning, an advanced machine-learning tool that enhances hiring and talent development. Beth previously worked at EdEx and Pearson; she has used this experience (25 years in educational technology) to help create Riff Learning.

Today, we peek into the not-so-distant future where behavioral tech will be used by organizations in order to not only hire, but also help create healthy teams.


  • How Beth got into this line of work by mistake

  • The biases towards affirmation or confirmation

  • Understanding your own behaviors and how they affect others

  • Using data in an affirming way instead of a punitive one

  • Why she likes Riff’s video tool the most

  • How normal orgs can incorporate Riff’s technology

  • The goal of Riff Platform


“One of the thing that we are always looking for is: can we affirm something that we believe or do we feel that we have enough evidence to go against something that we believe?” -Beth Porter

“We take a very privacy-preserving approach at the outset.” -Beth Porter

“People do what they do...and we passively collect data behind the scenes.” -Beth Porter


Riff Learning

Beth on LinkedIn

The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter

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