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Episode 50: Marion McGovern, Author of 'Thriving in the Gig Economy'

Marion McGovern, Author of Thriving in the Gig Economy, is also the Co-Founder and former CEO of M Squared consulting. She specialized in employment law and used that knowledge during her time teaching at the School of Management at the University of San Francisco for seven years.

Today, we talk about redefining the gig economy and how it affects the way we look at talent. Join us for an in-depth look at the current state of the gig economy.


  • The current gig economy

  • The urgency trend

  • Online freelancing platform contracts

  • The creative community and rejection

  • The importance of staying hungry

  • Why gig work is like moonlighting


“Well, you know, you’re a product of your past life experiences. So I’ve really been in the project space all of my life.” -Marion McGovern

“Rejection is much more personal, if you’re a creative type.” -Marion McGovern

“The moment you become complacent, the moment you get comfortable being comfortable doesn’t work for you anymore.” -Caroline Stokes


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