"The revolution in recruitment has already happened, finding
a 'job' is an algorithm and we no longer need recruiters who just treat people as a one-page resume. 
Caroline's work on
'The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter' show how connecting with people matters now more than ever."

Oscar Clark  /  Evangelist, Unity Technologies



Caroline Stokes presents keynote and speaker talks on a variety of forward-thinking topics. These range from innovation leader talent trends to marketing and consumer technology developments, to recruiter reinvention and emotional intelligence in the 4th industrial revolution.


As a contributor for ForbesThe Undercover Recruiter and VentureBeat, Caroline puts forward her expertise combining technical and human skills for the advancement of the recruitment industry and its clients. 


Through 25 years' experience working for companies such as Sony, Virgin and Nokia, and in areas across product, brand, PR and marketing, Caroline has a unique perspective on human capital development. In 2013, Caroline founded executive search firm FORWARD and was first to integrate a first 100-days coaching and emotional intelligence program for all new placements. She provides services as a retained search headhunter, certified EQ and Executive Coach for innovation leaders with clients such as Microsoft, Autodesk, EA and Disney.


Taking her body of experience in recruiter advancement, Caroline launched The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter program to help recruiters and their companies to evolve and thrive in the 4th industrial revolution.






Speaker sessions


  • The Career Branding Summit 2018, by Niels Rieb, May 2018

  • ERE Spring 2018 (San Diego)

  • DICE18 moderating the 'Diversity: The New Frontier' workshop and panel (Las Vegas), February 2018

  • Speaker at Annual Virtual Conference for the FORTUNE Headhunter franchise group (NY), November 2017

  • Speaker at the annual Recruiting Trends Conference
    (Palm Beach) November 2017

  • Keynote speaker at VR Connects (San Francisco), June 2017

  • Speaker at VR Connects (London), January 2017

  • Panelist at PG Connects (Vancouver), June 2016

  • Fireside chat at BC Labor Market Trends (Vancouver),
    August 2016





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